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Excelsior! Wonderful!! And I hadn’t done it in Rome before. 28.08.2018 - Da settembre sarà possibile prenotare online l'appuntamento presso l'Ufficio Immigrazione per il rilascio di titoli di soggiorno in formato cartaceo e per la richiesta di protezione internazionale. And also understanding, of course, that nothing is ever so simple :). No one really knows how to fill them out. Our Italian consulate in Miami tells us that since we already have residency, we do not need it. Like an ID card? Please. I have been looking at doing this recently and dreading it and here is your generous and easy to follow guidelines. More information is available on the Portale Immigrazione in Italian. I’ve just gone through getting permessi for myself and my family. I used to live in a neighbourhood called Tor Marancia (near Garbatella) – good local character, slightly outside the city wall. Do you think I need to apply for the permesso di soggiorno to be able to leave the country? Gah! Use re-entry Visa. Hello Natalie Natalie, Do you have to pay tax when you are a resident? Upon entering, you will then pickup the folder of documents you dropped off at the post office by showing your receipt. Worst case scenario, they also have these photo machines at the main Rome quester. Inserisci il numero di pratica (10 caratteri) o il tuo numero di assicurata (12 caratteri) della richiesta del tuo permesso di soggiorno Oltre all’avviso visualizzabile tramite questo sistema informatico, sullo stato del procedimento, sarà inviato al cittadino straniero un sms con l’indicazione delle modalità per il ritiro del permesso di soggiorno già pronto: giorno, ora e luogo. if issued only for the duration of her student visa, would be expired by then?). Your email address will not be published. As you know, this is a huge step for me and I am so excited for a future in Italy! I still always go at the appointed time, just in case. Hi Nayeem– I don’t know about that kind of permesso, but it should be in the booklet. disponibile nella home page del Portale. many thanks. Thank you. Do you think it is necessary to apply for a permesso di soggiorno? A disposizione c’è il numero verde 800309309, per richiedere informazioni. Go to the Post Office (ugh). Thanks for this information. You can be in Italy as an American (and many other country citizens) for 90 days in a 180 period. You can apply for family reunification – a carta d’soggiorno- once you are married. Also thank you so much for the directions on how to get there- I looked it up on maps and was like how the heck am I going to get there?! Do not lose these. It shouldn’t be, but I’m not sure! di Soggiorno per Stranieri per informazioni sugli Sportello Immigrazione offre Servizi di Informazione e Assistenza agli stranieri, Visto Turistico, Richiesta di Permesso di Soggiorno, Cittadinanza, Visto di Ingresso, Fidejussione, Visto per Turismo, Assicurazione Sanitaria, Sanatoria L' elenco dei codici è all' interno della busta. I am thinking cover for self, wife (daughter I need understand that situ re her Art University in Rome), what would be good ideas? Get your appointment! No, you just need to register for residency at the anagrafe and can get a carta d’identita from there. Learn how your comment data is processed. Il modo più ovvio ma anche il meno utilizzato per ottenere notizie certe è quello di chiamare il Contact Center realizzato dal Ministero dell’Interno al numero verde 848.855.888. The paperwork in Italy is never done. Hi Sofia – you do not need to copy the module! (I’m sure I read this somewhere). If so, did it have to meet or exceed a specific amount? For work permit how long may i wait ? 800.200.309 Oh I should add here in China at the Embassy/Consulate seems they can process Codice Fiscale, I got email back with the requisite form, in Word thus translatable these days. “cross” with a fifth arm expressing to Fiumicino airport. Is there a chance my appointment date will fall on a day when I am not back in Rome? I am an American on a long term study Visa, multi entry type D. I just arrived back from the joys of fingerprinting for my permesso di soggiorno, haha. I know, I know; everybody’s need/circumstances differ, yadda yadda. Thanks for the info! Do you have to show it at the airport? Would you know of the implications or problems that I will encounter when I request a residency permit without a Visa. Once you have a PdS, you don’t have to keep going through the visa process, but you do need a visa issued by a consulate for your first PdS. I don’t believe residency is usually granted without the legal right to live in Italy. This is meant as a DIY guide, but I always suggest an immigration lawyer for specific questions or complicated cases. That sounds like a tricky one. Certificazione anagrafica per I would suggest being in touch with the Italian embassy in Australia just to confirm if you need anything before departure or if you can apply for the carta di soggiorno (not di permesso) once you arrive. Filled out and sent through the post office? A visa is your permission to enter the country, where as the permesso is the permission to stay. Thanks! You want an T ticket. Or did you receive a 10 year carta di soggiorno? ... For Sportello Amico, you can call this numero verde 803.1601 to see which one is closest to you. Hi Sandra! It is the visa terms that are converted into the permesso. Country and go again,how many times we can Wow! Claudia. Or is it usually the case that the permesso won’t be granted until after the semester has started? I’ve been reading a bunch of different expat blogs and so happy I found yours! Hi Natalie ! as I also 3-year valid multiple entries visa but 90 days . Fotocopia delle pagine del passaporto riportanti i dati anagrafici, eventuali timbri e visti d’ingresso, o di altro documento Then you wait some more. Am I allowed to go to Spain directly, with only my PDS application receipt, passport, and current Italian visa? Should i follow the same steps in order to take the permesso and do i have to apply for a visa first to enter in Italy or to travel with schengen? Otherwise you need to find a way to notify them and be issued a new date and time. Any advise? Per alcune tipologie di permessi e carte di soggiorno la domanda dovrà essere inviata personalmente da chi fa richiesta ad alcuni uffici postali abilitati all'invio. Even if you are child of American citizens and you are more than 21 years old . Once you have a non-tourist visa, you convert that into a permesso by going through the steps above. My husband came to Ialy from the USA with only our passports. Do I have to attend a language course? So, should we first get her a multiple entry visa or the apply for the permesso at Italy embassy in China? Permesso di soggiorno In generale, ... 16121 Genova tel. I’ve scoured every last website, both private and those of the italian state, and can’t find a definitive answer as to whether or not applying for renewal EARLIER than 60 days prior is possible. The waiting time for the appointment at the questura (immigration office) has gotten a lot better. Does this sound right? Salve, ho una domanda da fare. I read through them all and didn’t find an answer to mine, which is: I am an American citizen arriving Oct. 2nd in Rome with a student visa, but I made plans to travel to Greece for ten days immediately after arriving in Rome (actually the next day, but likely not enough time to apply for the permesso). Hi, I’ve got a 4 month visa for Italy and will apply for a Permesso di Soggiorno - residenza electiva - when I arrive in 2 weeks. Do you know if the same rules apply if you want to work for the Vatican? ... Il numero verde è gratuito, da telefono fisso e mobile, ed è attivo dal lunedì al sabato dalle ore 8.00 alle ore 20.00. Haha. I’ve been told that we will need a visa for a stay longer than 90 days. Just bring a book because you might wait outside for a bit. When you exit the station, turn right and look for the bus stop for bus 437. Il numero verde è gratuito, da telefono fisso e mobile, ed è attivo dal lunedì al sabato dalle ore 8.00 alle ore 20.00. In this case, I just show up like he does and apply for my PdS, right? 12. Anyway thanks for all the articles. Garbatella and Monteverde (also Monteverde Vecchio) are quite nice. In quali casi occorre aggiornare la carta di soggiorno ? 15. Once everything is accepted by the post office, you will get a piece of paper that looks like it was printed in 1988 and some receipts. Can you tell me if is the problem, can i delay the date for received permesso? Copy any documents about why you are in Italy. However there is a (relatively) new catch with this process you don’t mention, namely the language requirement. “Ricerca Strutture” disponibile nella home page del Portale. Apply now instead, or ?re-apply?, for a PdS & for what duration if done at this point? Make sure to bring your passport with you in person. When I arrived, I waited 2 hours, and then was told there was some problem and I had to come back the next day instead. Contact Center di Soggiorno per Stranieri I am in the US and want to move to Italy to work as an English teacher (I am US and TEFL certified). Hi Beatrice! This posting of yours helps a ton! 2. Permesso di Soggiorno Elettronico, Ricerca i riferimenti per Strutture, Provincia, Comune e CAP, Carta Once I retire, I will be joining my boyfriend in Florence. Best regards! di Soggiorno per Stranieri. Other sites say that you can get everything necessary for a few euros at a kiosk at the rail station. Ricerca Strutture I appreciate your thoughts, and I’m sorry if the question has already been addressed in this very popular thread. Go home and wait some more. I’m still waiting for my first PDS to be issued, and I want to travel to Spain. agli Uffici Postali abilitati per l’accettazione delle istanze. Hi David – uau. We thought that we’d learn as much as we could about the Italian bureaucracy(we lived in London for a while) so that when we do move the transition would be kinda smooth. How can i live in europe?????? I don’t think that is an issue at all. The appointment will likely be more than 3 weeks in the future. Required fields are marked *. Oh my god, the forms! Also, does anyone know about getting a passport stamped in San Marino (non-Schengen) and using that method as a way to stay in Italy for longer than the 90 days?

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